Looking to rent in San Francisco? We can help!

Education & Support for Renters

Homeownership SF, in partnership with its HUD approved member agencies and other community partners, supports renters through:

Rental Readiness Workshops

Rental Counseling

Rental Housing Application Assistance

CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Application Assistance

Rental Application Assistance

Get free application assistance for San Francisco's affordable rental options by local housing counseling agencies!

Worskshops for Renters

Free workshops on the A-Zs of renting in San Francisco. Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, affordable rental options and more.

COVID-19 Rent Relief

CA COVID-19 Rent Relief offers up to 12 months of rent relief for past-due rent between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

SF's Emergency Rental Assistance Program offers rent help beginning April 2021 and for up to 6 months.

DAHLIA: Affordable Rental Listings

Find and apply for affordable rental listings via the San Francisco Housing Portal: DAHLIA.

DAHLIA Tutorials

MOHCD videos that will help you navigate through DAHLIA, the San Francisco Housing Portal. Topics include how to set up an account and apply for affordable housing, how the lottery works and how to complete a rental application.

Resources for Renters

Connect with organizations providing rental housing support and citywide programs.