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Meet one-on-one with a housing counselor to discuss your rental or purchasing goals and get application assistance. Interpretation services will be provided. Email [email protected] or call 415-202-5464 to schedule an appointment.

Necesita más ayuda?

Hable con un consejero de vivienda para discutir sus metas de alquiler o compra y obtenga asistencia con su solicitud. Se proporcionarán servicios de interpretación. Escribanos al correo electrónico [email protected] o llame al 415-202-5464 para programar una cita.

Kailangan pa ng tulong?

Kumonsulta sa housing counselor upang mapagusapan ang iyong mga hangarin sa pag-upa o sa pagbili at matulungan sa aplikasyon. Mayroong tutulong sa pagsasalin ng Ingles sa Tagalog. Mag-email sa [email protected] upang mag-schedule ng appointment.


找出如何符合可負擔城市租屋或購屋計劃的資格和申請方法!認識租客基本知識、申請方法、業主—租客關係及其他更多資訊!需要更多協助嗎?您可與房屋顧問面對面商討您的租屋或購屋目標並尋求申請協助。將會提供口譯服務。請發電郵至[email protected].以便安排預約。

Нужна помощь?

Лично встретьтесь с консультантом по недвижимости, чтобы обсудить цели в сфере аренды и получить помощь при подаче заявки. Предоставляются услуги переводчика. Напишите письмо по адресу [email protected], чтобы назначить встречу.

Pe manaomia atili le fesoasoani?

Feiloa’i na o oulua ma le faufautua mo fale ina ia talanoa i ou sini mo le mautotgi ma maua le fesoasoani mo faatumuina o pepa. O le a saunia tautua mo faamatalaupu. Imeli i le [email protected] e faatulaga ai se tuugatala mo le feiloaiga.

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Asian, Inc. 415-928-5910
City affordable rental units, Rental Counseling, Lease Up/ Appeal Assistance. Cantonese, Mandarin, and English
BALANCE Toll Free: 800-777-7526
 City affordable rental units, BMR & DALP ownership, Rental Counseling, Lease Up/Denial Appeal Assistance.     For assistance call 415-266-6083* on Wednesdays from 1-4 pm or visit, for further information.  
*Please leave a message and someone will call you back.
English, Cantonese, Russian
Bayview Hunters Point Multi-Service Senior Center (BHPMSS)  415-822-1444
[email protected]
Bill Sorro Housing Program (BiSHoP) 415-513-5177
[email protected]
Rental Counseling, Case Management, Appeal Assistance, Affordable Housing Workshop, Language Assistance.         For assistance, please complete the intake form here and either call  415-513-5177 on Tuesdays from 10am to 12pm and 1:30pm-4pm or email [email protected].                                                    English, Spanish, French, Arabic
Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP) 415-54-6756
Fax: 415-546-6778
[email protected]
Deposit/rental assistance programs, virtual housing workshops (Eng/Span), Housing Search services (working with households at $2,000/month or more), Job services, Smart Money coaching, resource referrals English
Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) 415-282-3334
[email protected]
City affordable rental units, Rental Counseling, Lease Up/ Appeal Assistance. English, Spanish
Openhouse 415-296-8995
Fax: 415-296-8008
Rental Counseling, Case Management, Affordable Housing Workshop (Rental), Appeal Assistance, Referral and Resource Navigator (LGBTQ+ Seniors or Disabled)
English, Spanish
San Francisco Housing Development Corporation (SFHDC)  415-822-1022
City affordable rental units, BMR & DALP ownership, Rental Counseling, Lease Up/ Appeal Assistance, Rental Workshop English, other language assistance available on demand
San Francisco LGBT Center Community Center 415-865-5555
City affordable rental units, BMR & DALP ownership Rental Counseling, Lease Up/ Appeal Assistance, Rental Workshop.  For assistance via Zoom on the 2nd Monday of the month from 6pm to 8pm and the 4th Wednesday of the month from 6pm to 8pm, register at English, Laotian
Self-Help for the Elderly 415-677-7600
Housing mediation and placement (assistance with lease-up and interviews), virtual workshops (app assistance) – Coming Soon!  English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Toisanese and Russian
Southeast Asian Community Center (SEACC) 415-677-7600, 415-885-2743
Fax: 415-885-3253
Tenant/landlords issues, credit and finance issues, Language Assistance (lease/forms), Eviction Prevention, Rental Housing Search and Tenant Services Workshops (5 times per year- in Vietnamese and Chinese) English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese




The DAHLIA SF Housing Portal serves as a central resource for affordable rental housing in San Francisco.  This housing portal makes it easier to find and apply for housing in the City by featuring the City’s entire portfolio of available affordable rentals.  View current listings and see which opportunities interest you by visiting A housing counselor can review the listings with you, help you apply to those that are appropriate for your household, and sign you up to be notified of new opportunities as they arise.

Note: Keep track of the rental units that you or any household member may have applied for in the past. Having your name appear on more than one application for the same property is a cause for disqualification.


Come prepared to discuss your total gross (pre-tax) household income from wages, benefits and other income sources for all household members who you intend to live with. Your housing counselor can help you calculate your income for the housing application. You may find it helpful to have income documents with you and/or sent to your counselor for the appointment. You are not required to bring documents to obtain assistance, but they are highly encouraged. Applicants without documentation will NOT be turned away.


When you apply for affordable housing opportunities in San Francisco, you are entered into a lottery along with all other applicants. Lotteries have preference programs, and if you qualify for a certain preference, you can move up in line and get a higher ranking in the lottery. Your housing counselor can help you determine if you qualify for any preference offered in the lottery. If you do qualify, you will be required to include documentation with your application. Please review the listing to see the applicable preferences for that listing’s lottery.

Proof Accepted for the Live in San Francisco, Live in Neighborhood, and Anti-Displacement Housing Preferences:

One of the following:

  • Telephone bill (land line only)
  • Cable or internet bill
  • Gas bill
  • Electric bill
  • Garbage bill
  • Water bill
  • Pay stub (listing home address)
  • Public benefits record
  • School record
  • Letter documenting homelessness

Proof Accepted for the Work in San Francisco Preference:

One of the following:

  • Pay stub (showing employer address in San Francisco)
  • Letter from employer verifying employment in San Francisco with at least 75% of working hours in the City.

Proof Accepted for the Assisted Housing Preference:

  • A copy of your lease showing your address

Proof Accepted for the Assisted Housing Preference:

  • A copy of your lease showing your address, AND
  • Proof of last month’s rent payment (money order, cancelled check, debit from your bank account, or a screenshot of the online payment)